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Does Blue Nile Have A Military Discount?

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They do! Read more about their Military Policy & Discounts on this URL: https://www.bluenile.com/policies/military

Over the last two decades, competition in all industries has increased tremendously. This has caused many companies to go through stages where they have tried numerous promotional methods to help them attract customers, obtain more sales, gain the competitive advantage and, ultimate, make more profit. One particular marketing feature that has become quite popular amongst companies – even those in the diamond industry history – is a military discount. For those in the military, it might be somewhat disappointing to learn that Blue Nile does not offer any type of military discounts. This, however, does not mean the company is too expensive for those in the military or their families.

A military discount usually offers a certain amount of discount applied to every order a member of the military places at the particular brand offering this feature. The type of discount offered to the military member ranges from fixed amounts, such as a $5 or $20 on any purchase they make, to discounts calculated based on the total amount due by the customer, such as a 10% discount on any purchase made. Some conditional military discounts have also been introduced. For example, a military member might be offered a $50 discount with their purchase, but only if their purchase comes to a total that exceeds a certain amount, such as $400.

When searching for military discounts from Blue Nile, many military members that have learned about other diamond jewelry brands offering such discounts may be disappointed in the fact that Blue Nile does not. The brand does, however, offer shipping to members marquise engagement ringof the military – even directly to the facilities and locations they reside in during their military service. This is a beneficial feature that should definitely taken in mind.

For those seeking the answer to why Blue Nile may not offer a discount to military members, the answer usually lies within the fact that Blue Nile already sells blue diamond products at relatively low prices. By avoiding the need for a physical location to assist customers at, Blue Nile does not have a significant amount of operational costs when it comes to serving customers – not only with their complaints and potential comments, but also with the fact that there is no need to pay expensive monthly rental fees for a storefront.

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