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A Fancy Guide For Everyone Wanting To Buy Canary Yellow Diamonds

While some people prefers to by colorless diamonds, other people tend to be more “adventurous” or “picky” when it comes to buying diamonds and prefer the fancy colored diamonds. Unfortunately, fancy colored diamonds are often more expensive than the regular colorless diamonds, which makes them a more appropriate choice for gemstone collectors and, of course, those of you for whom…

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blue diamond
Color, Purchasing

Buying Blue Diamonds? Read This First.

Blue diamonds are amongst the rarest diamond in the world, and their prices definitely match their rarity. The color blue is often associated with royalty and can be a great asset to a piece of jewelry. Some people also tend to buy fancy colored diamonds, of which blue diamonds are part of, as collector items and store them in safes.…

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ruby ring
Other Stones

Everything You Need To Know About Rubies

While diamonds are probably the most popular gemstone used in engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry, there is a variety of other gemstones to choose from as well. Many of the alternative gemstone choices are just as gorgeous as diamonds, but comes at a lower price in many cases. In this article, we would like to focus on a…

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