Diamond Cut Chart

If you’re thinking about buying your significant other a diamond engagement ring, please know that there are different diamond cuts that you need to consider.

If you choose to purchase online, you’ll be able to look at different diamond cuts for rings by checking out the pictures on the website that you buy from. Or if you are doing this in person, you could always ask the jeweler to provide you with samples of the different styles of diamonds so you can get to know the cut.

Or, you can look at our explanation of the different diamond cuts below.

Here are the Various Diamond Cuts

Round Diamonds

round diamondsThis should seem fairly self-explanatory. A round diamond is a diamond that is round cut, and as of now, it is mainly the most popular shape of all diamonds.

In fact, roughly 75% of the diamonds available being sold today are the round diamond cut.


Princess Diamond Cut

princess cut diamondsThe Princess diamond cut was originally created in 1980. And as far as fancy diamond shapes are concerned, this cut is definitely considered the most popular out of the bunch.

Even more important, if you’re looking for a fancy diamond shape for your engagement ring, the Princess diamond cut is the ideal choice because of its flexibility. It fits with nearly every style ring available.

Oval Diamond Cut

oval cut diamondsAn oval cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond that is modified. They are alike but each diamond possesses a similar amount of brilliance and fire.

All in all, the oval cut diamond has a better advantage because it possesses an elongated shape. And this elongated shape makes it seem like it has a much greater size.


Marquise Diamond Cut

marquise diamond shapeA Marquise cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut diamond, but it has a specific football like shape.

This is a very attractive looking diamond because it’s long and narrow, which makes it also pass off the illusion of having a greater size.

When compared to other diamonds, the Marquise cut has a larger surface area than just about every other diamond shape outline.

Pear-Shaped Diamond Cut

pear shaped diamondsThe pear-shaped diamond cut is actually a combination of two other diamonds. It’s a combination of the Marquise shape and the round cut diamond.



Cushion Diamond Cut

cushion cut diamondsThe cushion diamond cut looks like a pillow cushion, with a square cut but the corners are rounded. This is a classic cut diamond that has existed for nearly 200 years.



Emerald Diamond Cut

Emerald cut diamond shapeEmerald diamond cut is a wonderful option because it leaves an open, large table after making steep cuts into the pavilion. This diamond has a hall of mirrors effect instead of the sparkle that you’re used to from a brilliant cut diamond.



Asscher Diamond Cut

Asscher CutThis cut first came about in 1902 in Holland and it was created by the Asscher brothers.




Radiant Diamond Cut

radiant shaped diamondThe radiant cut is a lively, vibrant cut of a diamond that has a rectangular shape.




Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut

heart shaped diamondThis cut is obviously in the shape of a heart. The different look makes it a distinctive alternative for a verity of diamond jewelry, and it is a very popular symbol to help express your love.



My Closing Thoughts

No matter the diamond face shape you choose, this is only one of the 4 C’s of diamonds you need to take into account to find the perfect stone you’ve always been looking for. Make sure to read up on the other 4 C’s of diamonds I explain here.

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