Design a Ring

design a ringIf you’re planning on designing a ring in the near future, there are a number of tips that we can share with you to help make this process go over very smoothly.

Maybe you are designing an engagement ring and you want to get it right for your future spouse. Or maybe you are designing the wedding bands that you’ll both wear as a couple. Or maybe your significant other has a special birthday coming up and you want to design a ring for this person that will help truly signify their life and experiences on this earth.

Whatever the case may be, just know that it is possible to design a ring from scratch. And with our tips and guidance, you should have no problem doing this online or you can do it at jeweler if that’s what you prefer.

With that said, let’s take a look at the tips that we are going to share with you that will make it very easy to design your own ring.

The Best Tips for Designing a Ring

  • Use the Internet to your advantage – first and foremost, if you are going to attempt designing a ring on your own – whether it is an engagement ring or any other ring for that matter – you need to use the Internet to get started. When you go to your favorite search engine, you can type in phrases like “design your own ring” or “design a ring online” and this will help you discover the best online jewelers and services that offer ring designing capabilities.
  • Take advantage of CAD options – in this case, CAD stands for computer aided design, and it is the perfect way to design the ideal ring for you or your loved one. By using computers, you will have access to numerous different options that you’ll be able to use to put together to create the perfect ring. By going this route, it will be a lot easier on you to create a ring that you and your significant other really love.
  • Consider your options when dealing with an online website – some people don’t like to do things over the web, and if that’s the case, then you might not really like designing a ring online. So make sure you are happy with all of the available options that the website jeweler offers. Make sure they have live chat, offer advice, create revisions of your design, will design your ring in a specific amount of time, etc. By taking such a detailed approach, you are bound to find the perfect online jeweler to help meet your entire ring designing needs.

Note:  Hands down the best experience that allows you to design a ring online is James Allen Engagement Rings.  Their tools are amazing, and you can see the ring get designed right before your eyes!  They offer all types of cuts, shapes, and sizes, of course!

  • Ring size, styles, and gemstones – if you’re going to design a ring, you need to make sure the ring is the perfect size, made of the ideal metal of your choosing, and contains the gemstones that you desire. If for some reason a particular online jeweler isn’t offering the ability to pick all three, you should move on and find another, better option.


Please follow these guidelines the next time you need to design a ring.

Mary Turner


With experience dating back to when brick and mortar was the ONLY source for shopping for diamonds, I have countless men find the perfect diamond for that special occasion. As your Personal Diamond Consultant, I'm here to make sure you end up with the perfect stone.