Dealing With Marriage Proposal Rejection

This blog is supposed to be a pick me up guide to get men excited about their upcoming wedding! 

While we aim to be the best resource for finding elusive diamonds online, I have to tell you, I’ve seen my fair share of rejections over the years and know a thing or two about guys going off the deep end when they were rejected by their hopeful bride to be.  It’s not the end of the world.  Sure, it’s painful.  I get it.  But today, (and I was told never to start a sentence with “BUT”….BUT it feels right) we’re going to delve into that issue, because life happens.

Coping With Rejection

Learning to cope with rejection is never easy. It’s even harder to handle it when you’re rejected after proposing to someone and asking them to marry you. This type of rejection really stings because you put your heart on the line, told your partner how you feel, and they didn’t necessarily reciprocate your feelings.

It’s possible that this person still loves you in one way or another. But for whatever reason, they didn’t think you were good enough to marry. Or maybe they weren’t ready to get married. Or it could be a whole host of other reasons why they said no to your marriage proposal.

At the end of the day, getting rejected really stings when you ask somebody to marry you and they say no. But it is possible to deal with the situation if you have the right tools and techniques available to you. We’re going to share them with you today to help you overcome this difficult time in your life.

Tip #1: Change Your Outlook about the Marriage Proposal Rejection

Right now, the only thing running through your head over and over again is that your partner said no to your marriage proposal. You are feeling pain, sadness, anxiety, fear, and a whole host of other negative emotions. You didn’t expect to feel these emotions because you thought this person was going to say yes, and now you’re blindsided by the rejection and you’re having a tough time handling it.

At this point, it may seem too soon but it’s time to start thinking differently about the rejection to your marriage proposal. It’s time to start realizing that you were actually let off the hook and things would’ve been a lot worse if your partner accepted the proposal, married you, and then ultimately ended up cheating on you and leaving you in the end.

How would you feel then? You’re better off in the situation you’re in now because at least you never got married, possibly avoided having kids, and you aren’t financially and legally tied to this person at all. So their rejection saved you potential years of heartache and headaches since they didn’t want to marry you. At least they had the courtesy of telling you up front instead of marrying you and then changing their mind along the way.

Tip #2: Try Not to Think Too Deeply about the Reason Why You Were Rejected

More likely than not, your partner did not tell you why your proposal was rejected. This is actually a blessing in disguise. If for some reason they did, you need to avoid thinking about the reason why they rejected you too deeply.

Remember, everybody is different. Even though your partner may have rejected you for one reason, somebody might come along and accept your proposal for the same reason. So try not to beat yourself up and try not to think too deeply about the reason why you rejected. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t make you a bad person or someone who’s unlovable or something like that.


Please use this guidance to handle marriage proposal rejection as best you can.



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