Danhov Review: Should You Buy From This Designer Jewelry Brand?

An engagement is an exciting event that many people dream about for a very long time. Once you have met your soul mate, the first step to spending your lives together is usually an engagement. To properly “seal the deal” through an engagement, an engagement ring is needed. The particular engagement ring that can be purchased strongly depends on the budget of the man. Since diamonds are usually the most preferred stone when it comes to an engagement ring, people often prefer to buy a ring that has been fitted with an engagement ring, but this isn’t always an option for men with a very small budget. Diamonds usually cost thousands of dollars, and if your budget only allows for a few hundred, you will most likely not be able to afford such a ring. Still, saving up for a decent ring that will mark a milestone in your life is always a good idea and you most certainly cannot go wrong with a diamond.

Danhov rings

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, the internet is filled with many choices. While some may consider this beneficial as they have a lot of options that they can filter through, some men do not have the time or patience to browse through thousands of different store and not to mention the thousands of different wedding ring designs on each store to make a final decision. For those who are looking for something truly unique that will make the choice not only easier, but also better, there is Danhov, a designer jewelry brand that focuses on offering their customers original premier designs jewelry that will help them create a unique story.

Danhov: Uniquely Handmade Diamond Jewelry

What makes Danhov stand out from many of its competitors is the fact that every single ring that they sell has been custom made, and crafted individually by one of their jewelry designers. The brand has a studio in California, where some of the most talented jewelry designers in the United States spend hours to handcraft some of the most beautiful engagement rings, as well as other types of jewelry settings. Another vital feature that makes Danhov quite unique in the designer jewelry industry is their lifelong guarantee that accompanies each of the gorgeous engagement rings they craft. When a client buys a Danhov branded ring, they are also provided a certificate that issues them a lifetime guarantee on the ring. Should any faults occur to the ring that is not due to intentional purposes, the brand will cover the costs of repairing the faults that were noticed during an inspection. This may include filling inclusions that the diamond incurred, or polishing the diamond. Furthermore, the brand also recommends and provides a frequent diamond-care checkup services, allowing their customers to take their engagement ring or wedding ring to a certified diamond expert for some maintenance work. This will not only keep the diamond in perfect shape and ensure the diamond doesn’t lose its sparkle, but will also make the diamond last for much longer and, of course, maintain the diamond’s overall value.


Danhov offers a wide range of truly unique jewelry that is perfect for new beginnings, whether it is your first wedding or a second wedding. This brand handcrafts every single piece of jewelry on offer and their branded jewelry can be found all over the United States at participating retailers. They specialize in various metal types, a range of different creative setting styles and, of course, high-quality diamonds that will last for eternity. To ensure their diamonds do last for an eternity, the brand also offers a unique lifelong guarantee with the purchase of every piece of jewelry.