Costco Diamonds Review: Is It a Good Deal?

Where do you go if you’re looking for good deals? The answer is simple: Costco! You probably go to Costco all the time and why wouldn’t you; it provides a wide array of products at incredibly affordable prices. Among many other products, Costco also sells diamonds even though you may not expect that. But, are those diamonds any good? We give you the answer.

Costco Diamonds

Overall experience


While Costco is a perfect place to buy just about anything and still leave the place with money in your wallet, it’s not that good as a jewelry retailer store. The first problem we came across is that staff didn’t have necessary knowledge about diamonds. After all, if you’re in charge for something (in this case diamonds) you should make an effort and learn a thing or two. At Costco, buying diamonds is like choosing fresh produce, but at the end of the day diamonds aren’t groceries and you do need to consider some factors before buying them. In order to inspect the quality and see how they compare to some other diamonds on the market we purchased 0.70ct I VS2 round diamond in a solitaire setting. It is easily noticeable that diamond lacks essential cut material.

Also, we wanted to test their 1.13ct G color VVS2 diamond and compare it to those at Blue Nile, more precisely their 1.13ct G color VVS2 clarity round ideal cut blue diamond.

Limited selection

The biggest problem with Costco diamond store is lack of selection. Only a few options are available and that’s it. On the other hand, craftsmanship and quality of diamonds are decent. It would be nice to see more options for people who prefer different styles.


Not all is negative about Costco’s diamonds and engagement rings. Probably the best feature of their jewelry store is an amazing return policy. You’ll be surprised to know that Costco has one of the most liberal and generous return policies in the industry. It’s incredibly easy to return a product without too much hassle, which is always a good thing.

The Value

While you probably assume rings and diamonds from  Costco, are garbage it’s important to clarify they have a great quality. Unfortunately, good quality doesn’t automatically indicate better value. For instance, the 0.70ct diamond cost about $3503.99 with tax. What’s wrong about this? It means the price tag doesn’t do the justice to quality. In order to conclude a diamond has the value, price has to match quality and in this case it doesn’t.

At James Allen’s store one can find almost identical diamond for a 25% lower price and pay $2610 only.

Also, the 1.13ct ring from Costco cost $24,800 but it is outperformed by Blue Nile’s ring because the offset for crown and pavilion angle are more conducive to light return. While both diamonds are GIA-certified, only proportions of Blue Nile’s version are within the range specified by the AGS laboratory. Let’s not forget to mention that Blue Nile’s ring cost $11.301, way cheaper than at Costco.

Also, when buying jewelry from Costco you have to pay state sale tax while online-only stores allow you to navigate your way around this problem and save money.


Costco is one of the best places for good deals. It doesn’t really matter what you want to buy, chances are high you will find those products at affordable prices. When it comes to their rings, you won’t be disappointed by their quality despite but the prices for these rings are high, and they don’t really justify the quality. For your money, you deserve to buy diamonds with better value.