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Can You Customize Verragio Rings?

verragio engagement ringsImagine being presented with a gorgeous engagement ring, accepting the proposal, going out with a few friends to show off your new diamond engagement ring, only to find out that your best friend was also given the exact same engagement ring during her proposal last night. This can be quite embarrassing for any woman, as most women tend to place a lot of focus on wearing a unique engagement ring that helps them tell their story. Fortunately, when buying such a ring from Verragio, the customer is given the opportunity to customize the ring; thus ensuring the ring they buy and present their bride with is completely unique from any ring their friends might obtain from their lovers.

Even though many brands, including Verragio in this case, offer designer jewelry for women that is quite unique, all of these brands tend to offer more than one of every design in their collection. Thus, there is always the possibility that someone close to you might end up with the same ring as you. This is not something you want when the ring is meant for an engagement or even a wedding.

Luckily, when buying from a brand that allows for customizations to a ring a customer is interested in buying, the ring can be made completely unique. Verragio already offers some of the most unique designs that we have seen in the jewelry business industry and, on top of this, they also allow their customers to customize some of the rings they have in their collections.

Verragio Engagement Rings The Couture CollectionCustomizing a ring that a customer would like to purchase from Verragio is quite simple. A customer first needs to visit the product page of a particular ring they are interested in. Here, they need to look at whether a “Customize this ring” button is available. If such a button is present on the product page, it means they can customize that particular ring.

Verragio offers many different customization options that help the customer not only create something unique, but also allows the customer to create a ring that perfectly matches the style and fashion preferences of the person they will present the ring to.

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