Can DreamStone Really Offer You The Perfect Engagement Ring?

Thousands of brands offer diamond jewelry today, and each of these brands claims to be better than the competition. With thousands of such promises, how do you really know which brand you can trust and which brands you should avoid buying from! In this post, we want to take a look at DreamStone. This brand promises their customers that they can provide them with the perfect engagement ring. An engagement ring is an essential piece of jewelry and is often considered the first materialistic item that officially binds two people together, expressing their love for the world to see.

DreamStone rings

An Overview Of DreamStone

DreamStone might not be as popular as some of their competitors, but this brand has undoubtedly made a name for themselves. The brand is backed by a number of positive reviews, which can not only be found on the official DreamStone website, but also at various third-party websites that specializes in business reviews. DreamStone specializes in fine jewelry, with a particular interest in both diamonds and engagement rings. The brand claims that they know how important an engagement ring is and that customers can expect to find the perfect engagement ring in their selection.

When looking at the list of engagement rings offered by this brand, one can clearly see that they specialize in serving a diverse range of clients. The company provides a good variety of designs when it comes to engagement rings, and gives the customer the ability to choose how large of a diamond they wish to have installed in the ring. This provides some level of customizability to the customer and also helps a customer find that “perfect” ring by allowing them the opportunity to substitute the design for a more significant diamond, or perhaps the other way around.

Since every person is unique, and not everyone may find that this brand has an engagement ring that could be considered “perfect” to them, DreamStone also caters to those clients who wish to be completely unique with the engagement ring they will be presenting during their proposal. The custom orders feature by DreamStone allows a customer to specialize precisely what they are looking for in an engagement ring – DreamStone will then design a new ring for the client, from scratch, to ensure their every need is met with the engagement ring being presented to them.

Customers who are wary of the jewelry offered by this brand will also be happy to learn that a 30-day returns policy is provided with the purchase of any jewelry at DreamStone. Thus, a customer can buy an engagement ring, or perhaps a diamond pendant and a pair of diamond earrings, and not risk losing their money if they do not wish to keep the jewelry. After receiving the jewelry, the customer has a one-month period to decide whether they are truly happy with the product or not – if the answer is no, the customer can return the product (shipping paid by DreamStone) to get a refund on their order.

Another particular feature from DreamStone that is worth mentioning is the fact that they offer a price match service. If a customer is able to find a ring that is very similar to one of those in the collection provided by this brand, then DreamStone is often willing to negotiate a better price with the customer; thus matching the price of the competitor.


DreamStone is a reputable brand that primarily specializes in the manufacturing of diamond engagement rings, but also offer an extensive range of fine jewelry. The brand promotes itself as a supplier of the “perfect” engagement rings and has a wide selection of items that customers can choose from. Custom orders also allow for further customization of jewelry items, and the free worldwide shipping, coupled with a  30-day return period, offers the customer better value for their money.