Blue Nile: The Perfect Online Store For Buying Diamonds

With thousands of different online jewelry stores to choose from when you want to buy an engagement ring, it is often very difficult to find the one that’s right for you. Not only do you have to consider their offerings and whether or not they can meet your needs, but you also have to consider whether or not every one of these online jewelers can be trusted. Reading about the large number of scams that are being carried out in the diamond industry certainly does not make this choice easier, but rather causes you to become doubtful when it comes to shopping online for an engagement ring. Today, we would like to focus on an online jewelry store that has a good reputation behind them for delivering high-quality engagement rings at affordable prices. The store we want to talk about is Blue Nile.

Blue Nile rings

What Does Blue Nile Offer

It is always important to first take a look at what a company offers before you decide whether or not to go with them when you want to buy an engagement ring. Blue Nile has a significant variety of engagement rings, as well as many other types of jewelry, including standard rings that can be used as gifts. In addition to their jewelry, Blue Nile also sells loose diamonds, which can be used to build your own jewelry or, of course, to add to your diamond collection.

Blue Nile isn’t just an online jewelry store. The brand pride themselves in being a place where people cannot only buy diamonds at affordable prices, but also where people can come to become educated on numerous topics regarding diamond jewelry. They provide extensive resources on topics such as the four c’s of a diamond, which includes cut, color, clarity and carat weight. They also offer information about different diamond shapes and certification. Furthermore, Blue Nile also has a section that discusses the different types of metal that can be used as a setting for a ring.

Blue Nile Shopping Process

When you land on Blue Nile’s official website, you’ll be presented with a variety of options to choose from. Here you can choose to browse their collection of engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewelry. You can also access other parts of their website, including a customer zone where you can manage your own account and track any orders you have placed with the brand in the past. Apart from these options, Blue Nile also has a quite unique way that people can shop for the perfect engagement ring. On their homepage, you will find three links. The first link, “Start With A Diamond”, allows a customer to choose a diamond, and they will then recommend settings and other particular options to go with that diamond. The customer is then free to choose the particular options that best suits their needs. The “Start With A Setting” ring allows the customer to choose a metal type and ring type, and then proceed to choose the perfect diamond stone that will be complemented by the setting they have chosen. The final option, “Shop Engagement Rings”, allows the customer to browse some of Blue Nile’s most popular options and, of course, filter through these rings by customizing the settings to help them find the perfect wedding ring.


Blue Nile has a reputation for offering quality diamond engagement rings, as well as numerous other jewelry that comes fitted with diamonds. The brand offers unique ways to shop for diamonds and is backed by numerous positive reviews on a variety of different platforms on the internet. Blue Nile accepts a variety of payment methods and they deliver their diamond products to any location throughout the world.