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With experience dating back to when brick and mortar was the ONLY source for shopping for diamonds, I have countless men find the perfect diamond for that special occasion. As your Personal Diamond Consultant, I'm here to make sure you end up with the perfect stone.

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diamond clarity

Diamond Clarity Grading Explained

Diamonds are a natural creation that occurs up to 20 miles below the surface of the planet. These precious gemstones form over extended periods of time and, once formed, they are mined and then either sold loose or fitted in jewelry. Unfortunately, the majority of diamonds that are mined often contains some kinds of imperfects. In very rare cases, however,…

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red diamonds

Fancy Red Diamonds Might Be The Rarest Of Them All

Colorless diamonds have become so popular that they are now considered “old news”. Instead of opting for colorless diamonds, people are starting to like the rarer choices more – the diamonds that actually do contain some color. One problem that people face when it comes to buying fancy colored diamonds, however, is the fact that colored diamonds are often much…

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precious gemstones
Other Stones

A Guide To Buying Precious Gemstones

Jewelry is beautiful, but they can also cost a lot of money. Some people buy jewelry to match their style of clothing, while others buy jewelry as collectors’ pieces. There are also a lot of people that prefer to buy emerald loose stones instead of jewelry. These can then be used to make their own jewelry, such as an engagement…

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round halo diamond

A Guide To Choosing The Best Diamond Shape

Buying a diamond is no simple task. In fact, it can be a very complicated task that takes weeks to complete. While the process may seem somewhat straightforward, once you set out to buy a diamond, you’ll quickly discover that you need some initial education if you want to prevent being ripped off and if you want to buy a…

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diamond gemstone

Should You Buy AGS-Certified Diamonds?

Buying a diamond is not as simple as it may seem. Since there is a significant amount of money involved in such a transaction, it is essential to consider the trustworthiness and reliability of a particular jeweler before you buy from them. Then there is also the fact that thousands of people have been scammed into buying diamonds that are…

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argyle pink diamond

Argyle Diamonds: What You Need To Know Before Buying

Argyle diamonds is a particular brand of diamonds that are often considered to be the “cream of the crop” when it comes to diamond types. These diamonds are not the regular colorless diamonds that you can find in almost any jewelry shop you walk into, but rather very specialized. Argyle diamonds are known as the world’s “original pink diamond brand”…

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marquise cut

What You Should Know About The Marquise Cut

Finding the perfect cut diamond is never an easy task. There is a lot of questions that need to be asked when a person wants to buy a diamond. Before you can set out to look for a diamond though, certain features need to be decided first. These features will help make the task of finding that one perfect diamond…

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stud earings

What You Should Know About Stud Earrings

One would think that the exact same buying process should be put into the purchase of any diamond for any purpose, but this is not a definite fact. There are things that should be considered before you set out to buy a diamond, such as what purpose the diamond will serve. When you consider the purpose of the diamond you…

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