Argyle Diamonds: What You Need To Know Before Buying

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Argyle diamonds is a particular brand of diamonds that are often considered to be the “cream of the crop” when it comes to diamond types. These diamonds are not the regular colorless diamonds that you can find in almost any jewelry shop you walk into, but rather very specialized. Argyle diamonds are known as the world’s “original pink diamond brand” and this brand delivers some of the most attractive diamonds in the entire world. The brand is also the only to supply the original, natural pink diamond, which they extract from the Argyle mines in Australia. Argyle diamonds are not only unique and very beautiful but also priced much higher than many other diamond stone choices – they are also classified as “fancy” diamonds. Let’s take a look at some essential information that you should know about before you set out to buy a diamond ring online from this brand.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are a very rare type of diamonds to come by. While some companies have managed to grow lab created pink diamonds in a laboratory, they will never be able to perfectly mimic the unique appearance of natural pink diamonds. These natural pink diamonds can mostly be found at one particular location in the world – this is in Australia. Originally, the pink diamonds that are supplied by Argyle Diamonds were not available to the general public. They were considered too rare and valuable. Today, however, it is possible to purchase a pink diamond from Argyle Diamonds without having to possess a relatively high social status. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the pink princess cut diamonds are affordable to the general public.

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How Argyle Diamonds Grade Their Stones

All diamonds are graded based on four quality principles. These four principles are often called the 4 C’s of Diamonds, and include their color quality, cut quality, clarity rating and, one of the most significant elements, the carat weight of a diamond. While Argyle Diamonds do follow these four principles when they grade the quality and value of their diamonds, the brand also incorporates their own unique grading technique to further rate the diamonds that are extracted from the Argyle mines. It is important to understand that the brand does not actually add an additional element to the four principle C’s of diamond quality, but rather expands somewhat on one of the existing principles that already forms part of this grading system.

According to Argyle Pink Diamonds – the official website of this brand – the appraisers that grade these pink diamonds has been trained to expand on the color grading part of the four-diamond qualities that are looked at while determining the selling value of a diamond. While standard colorless diamonds are graded upon the level of color they have (the less color they possess, the more they cost), pink Argyle diamonds are graded on their saturation, tone and their hue. They explain each value as below:

  • Hue – this is the particular color of the diamond. It could be completely pink, which make the diamond much more valuable. At the same time, it could contain a secondary color; thus reducing the value of the diamond.
  • Tone – the level of darkness and light found in the diamond.
  • Saturation – this property is connected to the hue, but, instead of assessing the color, the appraiser rather rates the strength, or intensity, of the color.


When it comes to diamonds, everyone is already aware of the fact that they will have to reach deep into their pockets to afford one. Certain diamonds, classified as “fancy colored” diamonds, are even more expensive than the standard certified colorless diamonds options. There are quite a significant amount of different colored diamonds on the market. One in particular, supplied by the Argyle Diamonds brand, is considered to be one of the most sought-after in the world – and the price you have to pay to own such a diamond certainly agrees with this statement.






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