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Are Ritani Diamonds GIA Certified?

diamod GIAWith so many reports and publications explaining situations where many people have been ripped off while they were buying a diamond, people are becoming more aware of ways in which they can verify the sources they wish to buy from. Since a diamond needs to go through an extended series of examinations before it can be officially sold, the certification process of a diamond is often a priority for any person looking to buy a diamond; thus people usually ask whether a particular brand they would like to buy from is able to offer them diamonds that have been certified by a particular gemological institute. All of Ritani’s diamonds are sent to one of the two major gemological institutes within the United States for official appraisal; thus the company is able to offer their potential customers certificates to provide detailed information about the qualities of each diamond jewelry they stock.

Ritani believes in delivering high-quality diamonds and diamond jewelry to the general public; thus they have decided to only utilize the two major laboratories in the United States that offer appraisal services for diamonds. There are quite a few of these laboratories, but it is well-known that many of these institutes do not offer accurate appraisal services; thus the customer can end up paying more than a diamond stone is worth. With Ritani, this is avoided by rather turning to the institutes that are trusted and known to deliver accurate appraisal services.

GIA Certified-diamondEvery single diamond purchased from Ritani has been appraised by either the GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (the American Gem Society). Both of these institutes are trusted by millions of people all over the world and utilized by the top brands in the diamond jewelry industry.

Once a diamond loose stone has been officially appraised, an official certificate is issued by the particular institute that was utilized for the appraisal of the diamond. This certificate contains vital information about the diamond’s cut quality, its highest clarity grade, and color rating, as well as its precise carat weight. Additionally, other details, such as depth percentage and table percentage, is also provided to provide the potential customer with a better overview of what they should expect when buying the diamond, and to help them decide whether they are paying a good price for a specific diamond.

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