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Are Ritani Diamonds Conflict Free?

ritani Gold Diamond Engagement Rings for WomenMore people than ever before are starting to become more aware of the environment around them, and becoming more aware of the many unfair working conditions in which certain types of workers are placed in. The mining industry has been a particular industry where many employees, especially miners, were forced into working under unfair working conditions where the higher employees would disrespect those doing the hard labor down under in the minds. All of this awareness has also made the world acknowledge the phrase “conflict-free diamonds” more in the modern world. With Ritani, customers can be assured that every single diamond they purchase from this brand is a conflict-free diamond, whether the diamond is purchased as a loose gemstone or placed in a custom jewelry setting to make a ring or another type of jewelry.

Conflict-free is certainly not a new term, but the world has most recently started to become more aware of this particular phrase. When shopping for diamonds at a popular brand, such as Ritani, in this case, there is a good chance that a customer will now come across this particular term on the diamond pages, as well as on other pages of the brand, such as on the education pages and the Frequently Asked Pages.

Even though more awareness has been made around the importance of buying conflict-free diamonds, there are still some people who do not yet know what exactly it means when their diamond is conflict-free – and even though at first observation it might seem like this term refers to particular physical attributes of the diamond, it does not.

2 carat engagement rings ritaniWhen the term conflict-free is mentioned by a brand, it means that the diamonds they buy are only sourced from mines and companies that believe in fairness when it comes to dealing with their employees. These diamond loose stones were also not mined under conditions where war or bloodshed occurred.

Even though the term conflict free might not have any particular effect on how much a diamond would set a person back, it is about the moral value of that particular diamond and the fact that the diamond was mined by a source that practiced fair employee regulations, that matters in this case.


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