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Are Jared Diamonds Conflict Free?

jared-diamond engagement ringWhen it comes to buying diamonds, education is the key to a good buy. Without first becoming educated about all of the terms that are used to describe a diamond, a person may find themselves paying more for a diamond that what it is really worth or they may even easily become the victim of a scam. With diamonds being such expensive items to buy, it becomes very important to know exactly what terms to look for when buying these items. “Conflict-free” is a particular term that often causes confusion, and this is a term we wish to discuss in this article – a term that can often be seen when shopping from Jared.

When shopping at Jared, especially when looking at their Frequently Asked Questions page, you would often be faced with the term “Conflict-free diamonds”. This term can be quite confusing as, by simply considering the term without first consulting additional sources, it might seem like the term refers to a particular quality of the diamond itself; thus it might be thought that the term would affect the value of the diamond.

When you see the term “Conflict-free” on a page when shopping for a diamond at Jared, or when looking at their frequently asked questions, it is important to note that this term does not refer to any particular quality of the diamond. It is not part of the 4Cs used to appraise a diamond and it also does not cause the price of the diamond to necessarily increase or decrease.

  • conflict freeInstead, “Conflict-free” refers to the method utilized to mine the particular diamond in question. More specifically, a diamond marked “Conflict-free” means the diamond was mined at a mine that administered fair working conditions for every employee of the mine, including the miners. It might not seem important to some people, but there are cases where diamonds are mined under unfair and even inhumane conditions. Thus, it is usually recommended to purchase from companies that specialize in these particular diamonds.

Jared is one of the many designer diamond jewelry brands that only offer their customers diamonds that are classified as “Conflict-free” and does not buy diamonds from any sources where unfair working conditions are followed.

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