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Are James Allen Diamonds GIA Certified?

GIA Certified-diamondWhen buying a diamond, it is always important to make sure the diamond is authentic. When a person does not do some initial research to ensure they are buying from a trusted brand and become educated on methods that can be used to determine whether a diamond is, in fact, authentic, they may end up being caught in a scam; thus leading to the loss of the money they spent to buy the diamond – whether it was bought loose or fitted with a most expensive piece of jewelry does not matter. When buying diamonds online from James Allen, customers are offered a grading certificate to proof the diamond is authentic and to ensure the customer is aware of the diamond’s different qualities.

Diamonds offered by James Allen are always accompanied by an official grading report, provided by one of the two major appraisal laboratories within the United States. These two laboratories include the GIA, also known as the Gemological Institute of America, and the AGS, or the American Gem Society. Both of these laboratories are trusted by the majority of diamond lovers and also utilized by some of the most recognized brands in the diamond and diamond jewelry industry.

Certificates issued by these two laboratories contain all of the most vital information regarding the different qualities of the diamond in question. These qualities primarily include the four C’s of a diamond, which is the most common method used to value a particular diamond. Here, the diamond is first weighed and the weight of the diamond is converted to carats – for each 0.2 grams in weight, the diamond engagement ringdiamond gains one carat.

Apart from weighing the diamond, the appraiser will also place the diamond under a special microscope to inspect it closely. The appraiser will look at the cut quality of the diamond, the color of the diamond and the clarity of the diamond. They will then make notes about these diamond qualities and prices.

The values specified during the appraisal process is then used to determine the value of a particular diamond. The customer can also use this certificate to determine if they are paying a fair price for the diamond they are interested in.

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