Are James Allen Diamonds Conflict Free?

diamond ringsFor some people, the process of buying jewelry that contains one or more diamonds, or even loose diamonds, is a very simple process. They choose a brand, decide which piece of jewelry or diamond they want, pay for their order and wait for the purchased product to arrive at their home. They do not pay any attention to the finer details. Other people, however, tend to pay more attention to some of the finer details that are involved in the diamond industry – with conflict-free diamonds being an important part of the buying process for a significant number of buyers. Fortunately, buying from James Allen means a customer gains access to diamonds that are conflict free.

The term “conflict free” can be somewhat confusing, especially because whether a diamond is conflict free or not does not necessarily make the diamond more expensive or cheaper. For this reason, quite a lot of people turn a blind eye to this fact – either because they simply do not care about this particular attribute, or because they are not entirely sure what it means. When it comes to shopping for diamonds rings and  earrings, however, being educated about every potential term that may be mentioned is vital.

diamondIt is important to understand that a conflict free diamond does not refer to any of the diamond’s particular properties. Unlike the 4Cs of a diamond, which is used to determine the value of a particular diamond stone, the term “conflict free” rather refers to the conditions in which the diamond was mined prior to becoming available as a loose diamond or being fitted into a most expensive piece of jewelry.

Generally, when a diamond is declared “conflict free”, it means that the diamond was mined in a mine where the workers that performed the mining were treated fairly. No violence was present amongst the miners or between the owners of the mine and the miners. The term also states that strict environmental standards were followed during the mining process, which means the environment in which the mine is located was not harmed in order to mine the particular diamond in question. Additionally, this term has also been given to diamonds that have not been affected by any type of civil war.

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