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Are Blue Nile Diamonds Real?

engagement ringIf you have been looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring to use in your proposal, then one of your primary concerns is most probably the brand you want to buy from. There are hundreds of different diamond jewelry retailers – both in your local area and on the internet. While looking for a brand to choose, a question that may pop up is whether the diamonds offered by these brands are, in fact, real. Diamond jewelry set can cost a lot of hard earned money, so you obviously want to ensure you get the best value for your money and, most importantly, that the diamond you buy is real. Blue Nile is a respected company that only deals in providing their customers with real, top-quality diamonds.

When buying a diamond on the internet or at a local jewelry store, there are different ways a customer can validate whether a diamond they are buying is real or potentially fake. For customers buying from Blue Nile, there are many different aspects that offer them proof that the diamond they are buying is, indeed, a real diamond.

Firstly, Blue Nile is respected and trusted by a significant number of customers. The company has also been in business for a considerable amount of time. When you search for this company on the internet, the majority of customer reviews to be found are positive. When all of this is considered, it already becomes obvious that Blue Nile does offer their customers real diamonds.

diamond ringFurthermore, Blue Nile diamonds are all certified by professional appraisers from some of the top gemological appraisal laboratories throughout the United States. This means that every diamond sold by this brand is first sent to an appraiser, who looks at the diamond under a microscope and determines the different qualities of the diamond stone. The appraiser will tend note that values down and compiles a professional grading report after the diamond’s appraisal has been completed.

When a customer buys a diamond from Blue Nile, the brand provides them with the accompanying certificate. The certificate number can then be used to validate the authenticity of the certificate – and thereby also proving that the diamond in question is real and has gone through a range of tests by an appraiser.

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