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Are Blue Nile Diamonds GIA Certified?

red engagement ringPeople have a lot of different questions when they would like to buy a diamond. This is quite obvious and completely normal since a diamond can surely be very expensive. A person needs to ask as many questions as they need to in order to help them determine the best brand to buy from and the best diamond to choose. One particular question that often arises is about diamond certification and whether a brand offers diamond grading reports with the purchase of a diamond. Blue Nile is a trustworthy company that offers an official report from an independent laboratory for every diamond they stock. Let’s take a closer look at the laboratories used by Blue Nile and also whether this brand uses the Gemological Institute of America, also called the GIA, since they are one of the most trusted independent laboratories used for the grading of a diamond.

While there used to be only one single laboratory for grading a diamond in the early 1900’s, today there are quite a large number of these laboratories that can be used for obtaining an official appraisal for a diamond. Unfortunately, many of these laboratories have been proven to provide the brand that is requesting the appraisal with inaccurate information – often giving the diamond that is being appraised a higher market value than what it is worth.

diamond ringFortunately, Blue Nile tends to stay clear of these particular laboratories. This brand only utilizes trusted independent laboratories to ensure the appraisals are accurate and correct, and to make sure they are able to offer a diamond at the best possible price to a customer.

Blue Nile uses the Gemological Institute of America, amongst others, to obtain official and highly-accurate appraisals for the diamonds they sell. Apart from the Gemological Institute of America, they also make use of the American Gem Society Laboratories, also known as the AGSL, for the appraisal of certain diamonds. GemEX is also used in some cases to obtain a grading on the diamond’s light performance, which is a very important factor for many potential customers that would like to buy the perfect diamond.

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