Are Blue Nile Diamonds Conflict Free?

ringPeople buy diamonds for different reasons. Some people turn to diamonds as precious investments, searching for the rarest of them all. In such a case, the price of a rare diamond would increase significantly over time as near-perfect diamonds become rarer. Thus, the person might be able to get a good return on their investment when they are able to find a high quality diamond at a good price and then sell it at a later stage when there is a higher demand for this type of diamond. Others buy diamonds rings as gifts or as signs of love. An excellent example would be a man buying an expensive engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend. The engagement ring is a token of love and helps them mark the starts of a new potentially lifelong journey.

No matter the reason why a diamond is being purchased, there are some aspects that a person has to take into consideration when they purchase such an item. Diamonds can be very expensive, so the most important aspect that people usually consider is the quality of the diamond, the carat weight of the diamond and the trustworthiness of the brand they are buying the diamond from. Many customers also request diamond grading certificates to ensure they are paying for the diamond what it is worth. These grading certificates can also be verified at the online website of the appraisal laboratory that issues them. When verified, it means the company the client would like to buy from has sent the diamond in engagement ringfor an official grading; thus they are charging an appropriate amount for the diamond, based on the findings by the appraiser that was in charge of the grading process.

A particular matter that many people tend to overlook when they buy diamonds is whether or not a diamond is conflict-free. The main reason why people usually overlook this fact is because it does not hold a significant difference in the way the diamond looks or the price of the diamond.

When a diamond is deemed “conflict free”, it simply means that the diamond was mined and processed under ethical working conditions; thus the miners and other workers involved in the process were not mistreated in any way during the diamond mining process. All diamonds offered by Blue Nile are conflict-free, which means each miner was treated equally and with respect, and that their diamonds were not mined in environments where miners were treated unfairly or where civil wars were active at the time of mining.


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