Thanks for visiting my website!  Again, I’m Mary, and I’d like to let you all in on some dirty secrets the industry does NOT want you to know about.


Having experience in the luxury space for quite some time, I’ve been able to assist people of all budgets find the ideal piece for the occasion they have in mind.

About me

My experience dates back to when brick and mortar was the ONLY source for shopping for diamonds!  Imagine having to deal with pushy sales people while you shuffle from store to store, seeing different pieces, hearing different sales presentations, and just becoming utterly confused?  Yuck!

Thankfully for us, the Internet has helped level the playing field and create a more consumer-eccentric experience.  With all of the information found on peer review websites, industry blogs, and of course, “Google,” there is no better time to use the information super highway to find the precious piece you have been looking for.

As your personal consultant, I’m always an email away and very able to help you choose the perfect engagement ring or other piece.  I’ve helped more men than I can count, and to me, it’s all about creating lasting memories and buyer experiences that will not have a bitter ending.

Also, I’ve set up a quick guide you should read, even if you aren’t currently in the market for an engagement ring – it’s simply food for thought.  Very VALUABLE food for thought that I’ve learned over 20 years.