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A One-Stop Buying Guide For Oval Cut Diamonds

The cut of a diamond is often considered as one of the most vital aspects when it comes to analyzing the appearance of a diamond. While a round cut is considered to be the most popular choice when it comes to buying a diamond – either loose or fitted into an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry – an 2 carat oval cut diamond ring has a significant amount of benefits to offer the buyer and the wearer over some of the other cuts, like the round cut. In this buying guide, we’ll take a closer look at the options that are available, as well as things that should be considered when buying an oval cut diamond.

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Things To Consider

We should start out by looking at some vital things to consider if you consider buying an oval cut diamond for yourself or for a loved one. A considerable aspect that should be taken into account is a benefit that the oval cut has over some other cuts – especially the round cut. An oval cut features an exquisite appearance that is often considered luxurious. It also usually looks slightly bigger than other cuts that have the same carat weight. For example, a one-carat oval cut diamond looks bigger than one carat round carat diamond.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other aspects that should be taken into consideration. These aspects come in different options, which makes it difficult for a buyer to choose a particular diamond, especially if they are not an expert in the diamond industry. Not making the right choices mean you might result in a disappointing purchase, but when you make the right decisions, you and the person you are buying the diamond for will be impressed with your purchase.


Diamond Cutting Grade

An option that has a significant impact not only on the visible appearance of a diamond but also the price of a diamond, is the diamond’s cut quality. The better cut grade the diamond has, the more it will cost. Lumera Diamonds recommends opting for a diamond with a 53 to 63 table % and a 58 to 62 depth % as these are considered “triple excellent diamond” cut qualities. A thin girdle with a very small or no culet is also recommended.


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The color of an oval cut diamond is also very important. Since an oval cut diamond is exquisite, people usually wants to opt for a color grade that compliments the shape, rather than makes the stone looks like a lower grade diamond. Thus, it is recommended to opt for an oval cut diamond with a color grade between D and F. If the diamond is significantly small, a “G” color rating can also work. The less fluorescence the diamond has, the better.


Apart from cut quality and color grade, the clarity rating of an oval cut diamond should also be considered. It is not always necessary to buy a diamond with the best clarity rating, but knowing the limits is important. For example, a small (one carat or less) oval cut diamond with a clarity rating of VS1 or VS2 would still look flawless to the naked eye, but it will be priced considerably less than a FL rated diamond.


Buying an oval brilliant cut diamond has numerous benefits over other cuts, such as a round cut diamond. The diamond often appears larger than a similar carat weight diamond of another cut, and an oval cut diamond has an exquisite appearance. By making the right decisions when it comes to selecting the options that are available when it comes to buying an oval cut diamond, you can purchase an exquisite rock that will surely impress others.




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