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A Guide To Help You Identify A Fake Diamond

fake vs real diamondWe are all aware of the fact that buying a diamond is an expensive feat. Even the smaller diamonds can cost thousands of dollars. While some people are able to afford to buy such a stone without even feeling a difference in their bank balance, others have to scratch all of their savings together or even take out a loan in order to afford to buy a diamond engagement ring for their loved one when they are planning to propose. Today, we would like to focus on a particular topic that has caused quite a large number of people to lose a lot of money – in some cases, years’ worth of savings – and this topic is fake diamonds. Unfortunately, the diamond industry has a lot of scams and it is relatively easy for someone who does not know a lot about diamonds to be scammed into a deal where a fake diamond ring is provided to the consumer at the price of a real diamond.

How To Test If A Diamond Is Real OR Fake

home test diamondWe will focus on some tests that you can perform at home to determine whether or not a diamond is real. This will give you a basic overview of how you can determine if any of your existing diamonds are real. If you want to purchase a diamond and you are not sure whether it is real or fake, however, then you should always ask the jeweler for the diamond’s grading report. The grading report will contain essential information about the diamond, including details about the four primary qualities of the diamond – this includes color, cut, carat weight and clarity grades of the diamond stone. Once you have the diamond grading certificate in your hand, visit the official website of the organization that has issued the report. They should have a tool located somewhere on their website that gives you the ability to verify whether or not the certificate is real. If the certificate is real, it means a professional appraiser has inspected the diamond – which also means the diamond should not be fake as these institutes will not issue a certificate to a fake diamond for sale.

Now, let’s consider some tests you can do at home if you have loose colored diamonds that you want to test:

  • First, pour some water in a drinking glass. Make sure the glass is around three-quarters full. Now, drop the diamond into the glass of water. If they do diamonds float in water, it means it is a fake. Now, on the other hand, if the diamond does not float, but rather sinks, then there is a good chance that it is a real diamond.

real vs fake diamond

  • Another excellent test – place a diamond in an upside down position on paper that has text printed on it. If you can read the text when looking through the diamond, then the diamond is not real. If you cannot read the text, however, then it might be a real diamond.
  • Next up is the fog test. Take your diamond and breathe on it. If the fog from your breath immediately disperses from the diamond, it means it might be a real one. If the fog remains on the diamond for a few seconds, then it is not real.


Before you set out to buy a diamond, it is essential to first educate yourself about some essential facts about diamonds. If you set out to buy a diamond without first learning more about the particulars about a real diamond, then you might end up buying a fake diamond without even knowing it. The guidance we have offered here will give you some intel on how to tell whether or not a diamond is real, but do not limit your knowledge to what we have here – rather be open to always learning more about diamonds and the qualities that make them so unique and precious.



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