A Fancy Guide For Everyone Wanting To Buy Canary Yellow Diamonds

canary yellow diamondWhile some people prefer to by colorless diamonds, other people tend to be more “adventurous” or “picky” when it comes to buying diamonds and prefer the fancy colored diamonds. Unfortunately, fancy colored diamonds are often more expensive than the regular colorless diamonds, which makes them a more appropriate choice stones for gemstone collectors and, of course, those of you for whom money is not a problem when it comes to buying a diamond. There are some people who would like to enter the fancy color diamond collecting game, but they do not have a budget that would allow them to opt for the rarer options and they also do not know where to start. In this post, we would like to tell you about a particular choice of diamonds that poses as the perfect “entry point” into fancy diamond collecting – light fancy yellow diamonds, often also called canary yellow diamonds.

Why Start Your Fancy Colored Diamond Collection With Canary Yellow Diamonds?

First, we should tell you why it is an excellent idea to start your collection of fancy colored diamonds with the particular type of diamond cuts we are talking about in this post. When diamonds are graded, the diamond expert that deals with the appraisal of the diamond need to look at some aspects to rate the value of the diamond. The color of the diamond is an important factor that has an impact on both appearance and value. Colorless diamonds are graded from D to Z. When the diamond receives a color rating of “D”, it means the diamond does not have any yellow tones present in it. These diamonds more expensive than diamonds with a lower color rating. A diamond that has a color rating of “Z” has more significant amounts of yellow tones, and are also sold at a discounted rate.

The information above should already give you an idea of how a canary yellow diamond or fancy yellow diamond can be more affordable than another loose fancy colored diamond. In fact, in many cases, you’d be able to find a fancy yellow diamond at a more affordable price than a completely colorless diamond – this, however, does depend on the particular details of the other qualities that are also considered when the diamond is analyzed.

It is important to note that a diamond that is yellow does not necessarily sell for a lower amount that a completely colorless diamond. Naturally Colored explains that a diamond that is rated “Z” for its color grade has yellow tones present in the stone, but the intensity of the yellow is not very significant. When the intensity and saturation of the yellow increases, the diamond cannot be rated as “Z” anymore, but goes beyond this color grade. When the yellow tones present in a diamond is more intense than a diamond that should be rated “Z”, the price increases instead of decreasing.

Let’s consider the yellow diamond’s color chart to better understand the different tones that yellow, or canary diamonds, can come in:

  • yellow color chartFaint Yellow
  • Very Light Yellow
  • Light Yellow
  • Fancy Light Yellow
  • Fancy Yellow
  • Fancy Dark Yellow
  • Fancy Deep Yellow
  • Fancy Intense Yellow
  • Fancy Vivid Yellow

The richer the color, the more the stone will cost you.


Canary yellow diamonds, which refers to fancy yellow colored diamonds, are an excellent choice for people who would like to start collecting fancy colored diamonds without having to spend a fortune on their first purchase. Here we took a look at some vital aspects that you should consider if you would like to start your collection with canary yellow diamonds.




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